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LSU Recycles

Facility Services
Department of Landscape
Contact: Andres Harris
Phone 225-268-3385


Containers #Type20032004200520062007
Wausau ContainerAggregate 220249262271
Paper Recycle containersBLUE INDO.. 650665681704
 Desk side 1675167517021742
Alum./Plast./Glass containersBlue  264646103
Open top Dumpster 30/20 cu. Yrd. 8899
Front Load Dumpster2,4,6,8 yard 172185184178
Recycling Dumpster6, 8 yard 36414555
Amount Removed 20032004200520062007
Solid Waste from Dumpsters   19,675.61 cu.yds.18,589.26 yds.11,432 tons.
Recycling (cardboard-paper) 387 tons520 tons.304 tons.456.23 tons.617 tons.
Aluminum Cans/Plastic Bottles  1.5 tons8.2 tons.12.17 tons. mixed w/crdbrdmixed w/crdbrd
Wood Waste Recycle 292 tons162 tons.1,334.90 tons.233.65 tons.106.72 tons
Pallets 500 ea.700 ea.370 ea.386 ea.494 ea.
Concrete/Demolition 654 tons1680 tons.1,775 cu. yds.1,557 cu. yds.613 cu. yds
Car Batteries 134 ea.353 ea.94 ea.310 ea.100 ea.
Used Cooking Oil N/A5050 gal.9,035 gal.5,873.57 gal.5,617.68 gal.
Tires 184 ea.144 ea.132 ea.376ea.87 ea.
Motor Oil    2,360 gal.1,885 gal.
Fluorescent Light Bulbs    14,693 ea.3,300 lbs.

2009 Football Refuse Statistics
 Solid WasteRecycling 
GameDateCampusStadiumTotalCampusStadiumTotalGrand totalRecycling %
LA Tech.14-Nov23.4813.5237.003.193.766.9543.9518.78%
Season Total264.1579.72343.8725.4414.4839.92393.7911.61%

2008 Football Refuse Statistics
Date Game Trash Tons Recycled Tons
08/30/2008 APPALACHIAN ST. 30.72 1.1
09/07/2008 TROY Rescheduled
09/13/2008 NORTH TEXAS 35.93 1.54
09/27/2008 MISSISSIPPI ST. 56.61 5
10/25/2008 GEORGIA 66.2 4.5
11/01/2008 TULANE 41 2.6
11/08/2008 ALABAMA 84.54 5.98
11/15/2008 TROY1 31.86 2.56
11/22/2008 OLE MISS 49.28 3.95
Average   49.52 3.4
TOTALS   396.14 27.23
2007 Football Refuse Statistics
Date Game Trash Tons Recycled Tons
09/08/2007 VIRGINIA TECH 80.85 4.76
09/15/2007 MIDDLE TENNESSEE 49.54 5.22
09/22/2007 SOUTH CAROLINA 59.16 3.5
10/06/2007 FLORIDA 124.03 4.45
10/20/2007 AUBURN 82.77 4.24
11/10/2007 LOUISIANA TECH.1 57.37 3.29
11/23/2007 ARKANSAS 51.08 2.9
Average   72.11 4.05
TOTALS   504.8 28.36
2006 Football Refuse Statistics
DateGameTrash TonsRecycled Tons
09/30/2006MISS ST.33.880.5
10/21/2006FRESNO ST.48.441.34
11/18/2006OLE MISS66.061.87
TOTALS 465.3712.12
The recycling tonnage is not included in the trash tonnage.
1 Homecoming
2 Numbers may vary according to events using recycle cans during the week

Aluminum and Plastic
In the past year, we have had great success with our blue exterior recycle bins for plastic and aluminum. Thank you! As an expansion of this effort we've started placing blue containers for plastic and aluminum can recycling inside classroom buildings. Buildings we are using as pilot locations for this effort are Lockett, Coates Hall, Prescott, Atkinson and Tureaud. Look for these in vending areas and at entrances.

With the increased number of newspapers being delivered to campus we have placed 30 green recycle bins in the Quad to help capture discarded newspapers. We ask that all students, staff and faculty dispose of newspapers responsibly. Either place newspapers in the green bins in the Quad or in one of the paper recycle boxes in your building.

Since the fall of 2003, Facility Services has distributed 2,000 desk side recycle trays and 800 large recycle boxes to academic and administrative buildings. Look for these boxes in your classroom and office areas. Your building custodial staff is responsible for emptying the interior recycle boxes; for service call Building Services at 578-5392. If you need new or replacement receptacles, send an e-mail to aharri2@lsu.edu; indicate the number and type of container(s) needed, along with the building and room number where you would like them delivered. In the near future, we will begin to replace the large cardboard paper recycle boxes with a more durable blue plastic, paper recycle containers.

We are continuing to add exterior containers for the collection of glass plastic and aluminum as funds become available. Great job by those who are using these resources. (See table for locations). The Department of Landscape Services empties the blue outdoor containers.

Lockett E/W
Hodges E/W
Hatcher Hall E
Union E/W
Virginia Rice Williams E
Life Science NE/NW
CEBA NE and courtyard
Pierre's Landing S
Tureaud Hall S
New Design N
Recreation Center W

What materials are recycled on campus?
LSU recycles mixed paper, newsprint, cardboard, pallets, concrete, tires, batteries, oil, wood waste, glass, plastic, aluminum and used cooking oil.

What kind of paper can go in the paper recycle boxes?
White paper, card stock, colored paper, newspaper, envelopes, phonebooks, magazines and computer paper.

How can I get recycle trays and boxes for paper recycling?
Contact Andres Harris in the Department of Landscape Services at aharri2@lsu.edu.

Where are 6yd. outdoor paper recycling containers located on campus?
There is a 6yd recycle container located at each of the following locations (listed below). These containers are for office paper, shredded paper and flat cardboard. Please flatten boxes. As of August 2006, you can place aluminum cans, plastic bottles, tin cans, and milk jugs in the recycling dumpsters. RINSE them BEFORE dropping them off to avoid odors and insects.
Outdoor Paper Recycling Containers
  • CEBA SE parking lot
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Choppin
  • Coates
  • Efferson
  • Wetland Resources
  • Facility Services
  • Hill Memorial Library
  • Human Ecology
  • Journalism
  • Knapp Hall
  • Lab School
  • Landscape Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Lockett Hall Parking Lot
  • Middleton Library Dock
  • Pleasant Hall
  • Lakeshore House (Public Relations)
  • ROTC
  • Swine Palace

What do I do with cardboard boxes?
All boxes should be flattened and placed where your building custodial staff can transport to one of the outdoor paper recycle bins. Student workers can also bring paper and cardboard to these bins.

My paper recycle container has not been emptied. Who should I contact?
Contact the Office of Building Services at 578-5392.

I'm doing an office clean-out or move. How can I recycle this material?
Prior to your move or office clean out contact Andres Harris at 268-3385. The recyclable material will be reviewed and best removal methods will be determined. We can bring recycling to you!
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